ThoraxTrainer Ltd. was founded in 2008 by two passionated cross-country skiers, both with elite sports careers within triathlon and cross-country skiing. As a medical doctor respectively engineer, they saw a possibility to bring the worlds toughest sport – Nordic skiing – indoor by building a Nordic skiing ergometer, also called a skiing ergometer, that imitated cross country skiing.

They used their knowledge of training and skiing to build the first ski ergometer in the world that realistically could imitate Nordic skiing.

The first prototypes of the skiing ergometer were sold to the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Olympic training centres for Nordic skiing and Triathlon and the first stamp of approval was a reality. Consequently, the fitness industry and others with no background in Nordic skiing began to show an interest in the ThoraxTrainer™ exercise machines due to the unique and highly effective training method.


The passionated approach to develop the world’s best training machine continues, and all employees at ThoraxTrainer™ exercise themselves actively in our machines to provide input to the continuous development of training and concepts.

We are proud of our training machines, all of which are built with great passion for quality to offer the world’s best training concept.