ThoraxTrainer Academy

The ThoraxTrainer™ Academy develops Nordic Training Concepts bringing the worlds healthiest sport – Nordic Skiing – indoor.

In breathtaking entertaining individual and group training programs activating all major muscle groups, you will get efficient, fun and gentle workout of the whole body, based on scientific knowledge.

Our academy team is inspired by Ulrich Ghisler, MD: former elite skier and triathlete and national team coach in Cross-Country skiing and triathlon and founder of ThoraxTrainer.

We continuously develop new programs, exercises and concepts that will keep you and your customers in shape in the most entertaining, playful and efficient way.

Become an instructor

Through our academy we offer a thorough education to become a certified personal trainer and/or instructor of our GX concepts.

Your way to certification

We offer three levels in our education program towards certification.

Level 1: Basic introduction course
Basic understanding of how to use and teach ThoraxTrainerTM on a basic PT level. You get qualified to attend the certification courses to become a PT and GX instructor in our Nordic GX Concepts.

Level 2: Certification course for PT and GX instructors
Certified as a PT and GX instructor in Strong-Body™ and Core-Circle™.

Level 3: Certification in GX concepts
Certification as GX instructor in Ski+Bike™.
Certification as GX instructor in Ski+Shoot™.
Certification as GX instructor in Ski+Run™.

Through our courses you will:

  • Develop strong coaching skills.
  • Achieve certification as an instructor or PT in our inspiring Nordic Training Concepts.
  • Get a physiological understanding of the training effect in ThoraxTrainerTM and applied programs and concepts.
  • Achieve a high degree of own skills in the ThoraxTrainer™ so you can instruct and correct customers to make them feel safe and competent.
  • Be able to design sessions and programs for PT and GX classes.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles of HIIT (high intensity interval training).
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of Watt training with ThoraxTrainer™.
  • Get top motivated to work with this new method of exercise!

Spread the fire – you and your customers will get addicted!