Research and Projects

Proven by evidence !

ThoraxTrainers have  been used for research projects in 9 universities throughout Europe and the US in studies of elite athletes, rehabilitation projects and senior exercise programs. The projects ranges from studies of metabolic effects, physiological outcome to rehabilitation improvements from the whole body functional workout performed in the ThoraxTrainer. Below you find the results from recent research projects, – more will come

Research project with industrial workers in germany

A Fitness project performed during October-December 2014 with employees at three large German industrial companies: Ford, Opel and Thyssen Krupp.

48 participated: 18 women, 30 men between 15-70 years. The employees trained 2 x 6 minutes a week for 8 weeks (HIT training). A total of 1:36 hours training in ThoraxTrainerTM

Results illustrated shows an improvement in percent on six different parameters.

Research project on performance level with triathletes

Six triathletes participated in a training project over a 12 weeks training program with 3 x ThoraxTrainer HIT intervals per week, and reduced traditional training in the three disciplines. They were tested before and after in 1200 m. swim- ming, 20 km cycling and 3000 m running.

The illustration shows improvements in seconds for the three respective disciplines and in total.

All six triathletes improved in the 3 disciplines, and they all achieved Personal best times in the IRONMAN Copenhagen. 2013


Research project on elderly

The effect of a four-week intervention with high intensity training; focus on core stability and balance