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The ThoraxTrainer computer is compatible with all ThoraxTrainer model, and it can be mounted with ease.
The computer gives precise feedback of your performance, so you get the best value of your training.

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​​ThoraxTrainer deliver all machines with high quality SWIX ski poles made of carbon fiber for high stiffness and strength. Poles available from 130 cm to 170 cm

Poles are supplied ready-to-use with ThoraxTrainer pole tips.

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Find the right Pole length

The poles become 8 cm longer when placed in the ThoraxTrainer pole holder, for which reason the length of the poles is decided as follows:

Pole length = Your height minus 30-35 cm

Example of a person who is 185 cm tall:
​185 cm – 30-35 cm = 150-155 cm pole height

1 year breakage warranty on poles. 3 months warranty on straps and handles.

The Swix poles have comfortable gloves in mesh material. The gloves can easily be taken on and off.

The poles are also useful for cross-country skiing and roller skis. Requires replacement of the pole tip.

ThoraxTrainer pole tips can be attached with hot glue on your own poles.

Heart rate belt

Heart rate belt from Cardiopsport, with comfortable elastic strap and removable transmitter. ANT + compatible for ThoraxTrainer computer.

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With ThoraxTrainer™ Virtual Race Software you can run competition with up to eight ThoraxTrainers™ connected via USB to a PC (and a projector)

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Advanced software that can be connected to a PC for detailed training analysis and training log. The program can run online on PC during training. SD Card can store and you can then analyse workout data after training.

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Biathlon Game Package

Anschütz Laserpower 3 Profi incl. electronic target panel with 5 targets.
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SKLZ Dynamic Resistance Belt

Used on ThoraxTrainer this belt gives an extrodinary SKI-AUTHENTIC experience.

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Train virtually with ThoraxTrainer™ on a PC or big screen on ski slopes of Östersund, the final 200-400 meters of Vasaloppet, or the world cup sprint in Stockholm. Update to biathlon is available. The software is produced by our partner SIMway.

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Wall Mounting

​Wall mounting for the Thoraxtrainer.
​With the wall mounting you can place the ThoraxTrainer vertical on the wall when not in use.

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Wall rack for poles

Elegant wooden wall rack for 6 poles

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Carriage for Rails​: Home Series

Fits all ThoraxTrainer machines with Teflon rail system rail system.

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Carriage for Rails​: PRO Series

Fits all ThoraxTrainer machines with Super Glide Rail System (SGRS).

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Gliders, ThoraxTrainer HOME model

The gliders should be exchanged for every 500-1000 km.
If your ThoraxTrainer suddenly feels harder to use then it is time to change gliders.

Package with 8 gliders.

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Pole Tips

Replaceable Pole Tips for your own poles. Apply to pole with hot glue. Suitable for all ski poles with diameter from 7.0 to 10.5 mm.

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