The following steps will get you started with ThoraxTrainerTM

When starting with ThoraxTrainer you will get the best results by focusing on your technique at a slow pace at first. When you feel comfortable with each exercise, you can increase resistance and stroke rate in your workouts.

Step 1

Choose the correct pole length. Your poles should be 30-35 cm lower than your body-height. Alternatively, hold your arm up like illustrated.  Standing next to the machine the Pole should reach your armpit from the floor.

Step 2

Place poles in pole holders, turn to lock.

Step 3

Place your feet on the marked area in the ThoraxTrainer.

Step 4

Put your hands in the pole straps and tighten as much as possible.

Step 5

Close the velcro strap.

Step 6

Elbows out. Lean forward.

Step 7

Keep your back straight, bend slightly in your knees and push the poles back until your arms are fully stretched.

Step 8

Pull the poles forward.

Training programs for beginners

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