The ThoraxTrainer™ is used by physiotherapists in treatment and rehabilitation of many different patient groups. I.e., seniors, pro athletes, pre and post-surgery of ancle injuries, knee injuries, hip-joint patients, shoulder patients, hamstring rupture a.o.



ThoraxTrainerTM is efficient for seniors with balance disturbances, not able to exercise according to traditional training methods as walking, biking or running. The easy “walk in” construction makes it completely uncomplicated to access the ThoraxTrainer.

Training in ThoraxTrainerTM gives the elderly a safe and gentle training for improvement of endurance, core, upper body strength and balance. This will in the long run enable them to cope better with their daily life and its physical duties and challenges.


ThoraxTrainer has proven to be an efficient training tool for wheelchair users, amputees, visually impaired and people suffering from other disabilities.

From a seated position on a bench or chair, wheelchair users can use both diagonal and double poling, getting a unique cardiovascular and strengthening exercise of their upper body. Blind and visually impaired are able to train alone in a safe environment.

ThoraxTrainer Rehab chair

Double poling in a skiing ergometer is a very effective way of improving endurance and strength capacity of the upper body, arm-, back- and abdominal muscles.

Research by Anna Bjerkefors et al. has proven this method of exercise to be extremely efficient for wheelchair users and other impaired people.

ThoraxTrainer has together with RG Active Rehabilitation and EGA service, developed a customized seating unit that is compatible with the ThoraxTrainer skiing ergometer.

The seating unit is adjustable so that people with impaired core stability and strength has the possibility to sit steady and upright. With optimal support for legs and torso the exercise is both challenging and effective, yet gentle. The movement can be performed as both double poling or diagonal skiing, which gives possibility to exercise several muscle groups, especially of the torso.

The seating unit can easily be mounted and dismounted on the ThoraxTranier. This makes it possible to exercise in both an upright and sitting position.

Rehab Training Programs

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Veterans In Motion

A group of Danish wounded veterans raced the 90 km XC race Vasaloppet with only four months of preparation.

“As a group we are always challenged by our difference in injuries. Different injuries mean different abilities in different types of sport. With ThoraxTrainerTM we finally found a training machine that we all could use together at the same time. ThoraxTrainer is very useful, and even though our cross country activities have come to an end, we continue to use the ThoraxTrainerTM, because it is the only way we can get a full body workout and cardio training without splitting the team up in different machines with different intervals.”

Rune Oland
Team Coach, Veterans In Motion

“XC ski exercises is one of the most efficient training methods for everyone. ThoraxTrainer™ is the only fitness machine that activates all the muscles at once, but what I am particularly interested in are the other benefits from XC ski training. In addition to core training, which is extremely important for all of us, ThoraxTrainer™ improves balance enormously. It is very important for many of the people I work with through their rehabilitation.”

Christian Langhorn
Veteran physiotherapist, Rigshospitalets clinic for Occupational- and Physiotherapy. Quote from article Villabyerne Nr. 9, 24 og 25 February 2015

“I used the ThoraxTrainer™ as part of my rehabilitation when I had torn my ligaments in the knee. It has been a huge win for me to use this form of exercise because I can combine the less fun core workouts, with an effective cardio workout. I was actually able to reduce my body fat percentage, during my rehab – which is a good indicator that this type of training form give good results.”

Rasmus Ingeman
Danish Professional soccer player.