Dreaming of your own gym?

ThoraxTrainer offers an engaging fitness concept

– ideal for  boutique gym or CrossFit set-up

  • Innovative training concept
  • Knowledgebased training
  • HIIT classes from just 20 minutes
  • Multiple customer groups
  • High retention
  • Proven concept in Scandinavia

O2TRI, Sweden

The O2Tri gym in Gothenborg is a boutique gym, using ThoraxTrainer as their core offer for functional group training concepts.  They focus on coaching, training and counselling  of professional and amateur triathletes. O2Tri is a small but effective center, that in short time has created a steady flow of loyal members.

KURI Gym, Sweden

Group training facility outside Halmstad in Sweden. Started-up with 6 ThoraxTrainers in an old stable, Mikael Kulanko has built a solid business within a few months, running a very passionate gym with dedicated members.



HIT-Fitness, Denmark

HIT-Fitness in Charlottenlund, is one of the first Gyms in Denmark using ThoraxTrainer. We use ThoraxTrainer alone or in combinations with Tomahawk IC7 bikes and floor exercises for high intensiv full body group training. The owner of HIT-Fitness is the new owner of ThoraxTrainer.    Read more>



Learn more about your options with ThoraxTrainer:

mail / contact@thoraxtrainer.com / phone: 0045-40253726


Plug-and-Play Group Class concepts:

  • Fitness classes
  • Weight-Loss programs
  • Rehabilitation
  • Senior programs
  • Triathlon exercise
  • Athlete exercise
  • Ski exercise


Financial benefits with a ThoraxTrainer gym:

  • Low start-up cost
  • Leasing cost per month from only: EURO 500 (10 units)
  • Great revenue ratio to costs
  • High number of classes per day due to short duration (20-45 min)
  • Comprehensive training support from the ThoraxTrainer Academy


The ThoraxTrainer Group Class concept was developed in 2010, and has been implemented in stand-alone and fitness centers in several countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Canada and Germany.

All gyms with ThoraxTrainer GX classes experience, without exception, totally addicted members, who just love the efficient and amusing training combining both cardio and strength. VIDEO of GX classes



The ThoraxTrainer Academy develops training programs for ThoraxTrainer that activates all major muscle groups in an efficient, fun and gentle format.

You and  your instructor team will be given a certified education prior to opening your ThoraxTrainer studio, as well as ‘plug-and-play’ programs for group classes.

The academy team is led by Dr. Ulrich Ghisler, former elite skier and triathlete and national team coach in Cross-Country skiing and triathlon.

Ulrichs dedication to improve and optimize body performance and mental skills is the core and basis of all the  training programs and concepts.

Read more about the ThoraxTrainer Academy

HIIT Training on ThoraxTrainer

ThoraxTrainer gives you a high intensity training that keeps your heart rate high and improves your strength, endurance, core-stability, coordination and VO2-max at the same time.

The result is more energy, visible toning and an extra calorie after-burn that goes on for up to 48 hours.

Group training concepts

ThoraxTrainerTM has created revolutionary Nordic GX Training concepts taking Nordic skiing indoor in different inspiring formats.


ThoraxTrainer gym partners


O2TRI Gym, Göteborg, Sweden

Equipment: 10 ThoraxTrainer Pro Cardio, 2 laser rifles and ‘ThoraxTrainer Virtual Race’ software to perform ski competitions on a projector for max. 8 participants on ThoraxTrainers.
The gym was founded by Oscar Olsson, who is an elite triathlete and passionate coach. Oscar founded O2Tri 2015 as a Boutique Gym for those who wants to improve their physical fitness seriously. He has managed to build a succesfull gym with a solid member base in Gothenburg with special focus on triathletes. O2Tri offers weekly several ThoraxTrainer group exercise concepts covering Strong-Body™, Ski+Run™, Ski+Shoot™ and special classes for triathletes. Read more about the center at www.O2Tri.se or O2tri Konditionscenter Göteborg

KURI Sweden AB,  Halmstad, Sweden

Boutique gym with only ThoraxTrainer GX concepts.  KURI was founded by sports enthusiast Mikael Kulanko in 2014 in an old stable . The center has gained popularity in the Halmstad region with a positive income already during the first month after opening.  With highly engaged instructors with great entertaining skills they offer StrongBody™, Thorax-Core-Circle™ and special classes cross-country ski classes. Moreover, KuRi has contracts with companies to offer weekly training sessions for their employees.  The Gym is proud to be a business partner with renowned xc ski race VASALOPPET as so-called “Vasaloppet Training and Health Partner). Learn more about the center at  KuRi Sweden AB


HIT-Fitness, Charlottenlund, Denmark

HIT-Fitness was one of the first Gyms to offer group training with ThoraxTrainer and has been offering classes with high intensiv training since 2011. Based on ThoraxTrainer, indoor bikes – Tomahawk C7 – and excercises with light equipment and bodyweight we offer several classes a week – read more at  www.hit-fitness.dk

“ThoraxTrainer™ is the fitness equipment that by far gives you the best possibilities for development 
and maintenance of your body. It is excellent as a fundamental training for all sports”.

Flemming Svendsen, Muscletherapy Fitness, Randers, DK

”“Our members use the ThoraxTrainer for intensive cardio training, and our group classes have become really popular. Our ThoraxTrainers have helped us to retain members, and even secure new members to our center”.

Kim Strand, Training Manager, Well-Come Fitness & Spa, Denmark