Group training concepts

Nordic skiing has been scientifically proven to be the healthiest sport you can do.

ThoraxTrainer has created revolutionary Nordic Group Training programs, bringing Nordic skiing indoor in breathtaking  inspiring formats.

Each training program activates all major muscle groups of the body, improving strength, core, endurance and stability, at the same time in a fun and gentle format. You burn more calories and get more fit compared to any other measure of exercise.


If you are seeking for the most time efficient, ultimate, wholebody workout that combines endurance, strength, core-stability, coordination and FUN – THIS IS IT! Watch intro video.
The ThoraxTrainer Strong-BodyTM session consists of 10 to 15 exercises in the ThoraxTrainer, working through all muscle groups in HIT interval training. Within 15 to 30 minutes you have burned more calories and worked more muscles than ever before in such short time boosting your cardiovascular system like a Nordic Skier. The Afterburn will last for 36 to 48 hours.


In a circuit training combining ThoraxTrainer with floor exercise like push-ups, burbies, sit-ups, plank etc., this concept offers a playful combination of cardio and functional training. Watch intro video.

Calorie burn and body toning are at stake. In short in- tervals (90 sec) you change between different exercises either in the ThoraxTrainer or on the floor. Time flies and before you know it, you have done 30 minutes of high intensity intervals, strength training, core stability and coordination in one session. This will save you time. Moreover, it is FUN.

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Turns training into a game like a real biathlete. You completely forget that it is physically really demanding. Extremely effective workout of the body and brain, with a high calorie burn! Watch intro video.
SKI+SHOOT is for everyone and not only for crosscountry skiers and biathletes. The change between deep concentration during shooting and high-intensity physical exercise is CHALLENGING and FUN at the same time. Each participant is equipped with a ThoraxTrainer and a laser rifle. You change between exercising in the ThoraxTrainer in short intervals interrupted by shooting for 30 to 60 seconds to hit an electronic target panel with 5 targets. Each missed target is penalized with extra skiing or an extra workout, for instance 5 push-ups.


Nominated GX concept of the year in Finland.

An intensive training concept combining two of the worlds toughest sports: Nordic skiing and cycling = high calorie burning, strength, endurance and coordination! Watch intro video.

The concept combines ThoraxTrainer with indoor cycling or spinning. The SKI+BIKETM concept exercises alter- nately your upper and lower body. The shift changes the use of big muscle groups, and makes it possible to main- tain a higher cardiovascular intensity for a longer period. This will burn more calories than any other exercise. It is very time efficient and versatile, and you will experience – after just a few training sessions – a progress that you had never thought possible!

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Probably our toughest concept. Running and Nordic skiing combined in one training session where participants are using a ThoraxTrainer and a Treadmill alternately in short, high intensity, intervals.

For instance 3-minute intervals on the ThoraxTrainer followed by 3 minutes running on a treadmill with as many reps as you want.

If you need to get in shape very quickly – this is the concept for you.

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Fitness project with industrial companies

A Fitness project performed during October-December 2014 with employees at three large German industrial companies: Ford, Opel and Thyssen Krupp.

48 participated: 18 women, 30 men between 15-70 years. The employees trained 2 x 6 minutes a week for 8 weeks (HIT training). A total of 1:36 hours training in ThoraxTrainerTM

Results illustrated above shows an improvement in percent on six different parameters.

“We acquired 12 ThoraxTrainers in early 2014, which have added much value and fun to the users of our center. The ThoraxTrainers are very popular for cardio training and especially for group training. The ThoraxTrainers have helped us to retain members and even secure new members to our center”

Kim Strand
Fitness Manager, Well-come Fitness & Spa, Copenhagen, Denmark

“We are very pleased and our customers consider it great exercise. We experience still more people who wants to attend.”

Unn Helen
Center Manager, Spenst Jessheim, Norway