Effective Full Body training

Cardio and Strength Training

  • ThoraxTrainer™ imitates Nordic skiing, the toughest sport in the world.
  • Just 3×10 minutes a week is enough to give a significant training effect of the whole body.
  • You will get more fit than you ever thought possible.

The training improves your strength, endurance, core stability, coordination, technical skills and VO2-max (maximal oxygen uptake). Furthermore you will gain a substantial afterburn and body toning.

Effective training programs

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What our customers say

“I use the ThoraxTrainer™ three times a week for six minutes – and after just two months, I can really feel and see the results in my fitness, back and abdominal muscles. It is the most efficient workout I have ever tried – and is fun as well!”

Susanne Henriques
iFORM fit tester

Muscle terapy thoraxtrainer

“ThoraxTrainer™ is the training equipment that by far gives you by far the best possibilities for physical development and maintenance of your body. It is excellent as fundamental training for all sports.”

Flemming Svendsen
Muschletherapy Fitness,
Randers, Denmark

Heike Schauerte og Lasse Olsson ThoraxTrainer

“I found my cellulitis disappearing after just six months with 6×1 minutes high interval training three times a week in my ThoraxTrainer™.”

Heike Schauerte
M.D. 42 years