Group Training

Our Nordic Full Body Workout concept is the ultimate training program for any kind of fitness enthusiast. With more than 50 different exercises that all incorporates activation of your core muscles, our Nordic Concepts offer you the most complete workout program, improving strength, endurance, core-stability and coordination simultaneously – in a gentle format with no impacts on your joints.

ThoraxTrainerTM has created licensed training concepts:
Strong-BodyTM, Core-CircleTM, Ski+BikeTM, Ski+RunTM, Ski+ShootTM and more.

Whether you are completely unfit or already in good shape, certified ThoraxTrainer™ instructors will secure a professional instructed Nordic Full Body Workout. You will experience a significant improvement after a few workouts on a ThoraxTrainer™.

Whether you are a leisure or pro-athlete, looking for weight loss or just body toning, we guarantee that you will experience an extraordinary impact on your body and stamina using our Nordic Full Body Workout Concepts.


GX installations


Group training programs

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Fitness centres in Europe offering ThoraxTrainer™ group training


Rødovrevej 247
2610 Rødovre


Hit Fitness
Jægersborg Allé 1D
2920 Charlottenlund


Well-come Fitness og Spa
Tuborg Havnevej
2900 Hellerup


Skaktoften 22b
2950 Vedbæk


Muscletherapy Aps
Udbyhøjvej 113
8900 Randers


KURI Sweden AB
Prästvägen 1
30597 Eldsberga


Move Träning & Hälsa
Tångvägen 30
43272 Träslövsläge (Varberg)


HG Athletic Club
Axa Sports Center
15159 Södertälja (Stockholm)


O2tri Konditionscenter
Ågatan 20
431 35 MÖLNDAL


Hylte Sport & Event
V Industrigatan 4
314 32 Hyltebruk



Kutomon Fysioterapia
Kutomonkuja 2 A 1
30100 Forssa


Kirkkonummen Liikuntakeskus
Munkinmäentie 19
02400 Kirkkonummi



Emdenerstr. 68
50735 Köln


Holmes Place
Gürzenichstr. 6-15
50667 Köln



Spenst Jessheim
Dampsaga alle 20, Pb 302
2053 Jessheim


Peter Møllersvei 5B
0585 Lören,Oslo

“ThoraxTrainer™ is the fitness equipment that by far gives you the best possibilities for development 
and maintenance of your body. It is excellent as a fundamental training for all sports”.

Karsten W Petersen, Owner HIT-Fitness and New ThoraxTrainer, Charlottenlund, Denmark

”I had to buy a machine for home use, because it is the most amazing and effective workout I have ever tried”.

Kim Strand, Training Manager, Well-Come Fitness, DK