Ski Exercise

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The ThoraxTrainer™ has been developed to train and improve strength, endurance, core stability, technique and VO2-max for cross-country skiers.

– 96% correlation with outdoor nordic skiing

– Authentic movement pattern

– Realistic feeling of skiing on snow

– Extreme CORE training

Developed for skiers by skiers

ThoraxTrainer was the first ski-ergometer able to imitate cross-country skiing with a smooth and realistic feeling of skiing on snow.

Authentic Movement Pattern

The ThoraxTrainer™ INDOOR SKIER was originally developed specifically to train and improve strength, endurance, core stability, technique and VO2-max for cross-country skiers.

96% Correlation with outdoor skiing

A research project from Umeå University (Sweden) shows a correlation of 0.96 between ThoraxTrainer™ and cross-country skiing. In other words, you can predict your performance on skis from your performance in ThoraxTrainer with 96% accuracy.

Monitor your Improvement

ThoraxTrainer™ is used by professional and leisure skiers who want to benefit from the very efficient training.  The ThoraxTrainer™ computer enables you to evaluate your training and technique in details, helping you to improve your performance in the ski track.

VO2-max & Endurance

ThoraxTrainer has a very high impact on your cardiovascular system, that will improve your VO2max and endurance very fast to an even higher degree than training on skis or rollerskis.

Core Muscles

ThoraxTrainer™ also has a high impact on your core muscles that improves your skiing on snow in the classical as well as skating technique. Especially exercises with double and diagonal poling on one leg at a time has a huge impact and improvement on your core muscles and balance. This will improve your classical technique in the uphill and your skating on the flat and slight uphill.

“ThoraxTrainer™ gives me something extra that I cannot achieve on skis, roller skis or other training.  It has improved my skiing substantially and ThoraxTrainer™ is an important key to my success.”

Seraina Boner
Pro skier, Team Gel Rossignol

“I tried a lot of ski-simulators. ThoraxTrainer is the best simulation of real movement on skis. This year is the first year I have incorporated ThoraxTrainer into my long-term preparation and initial tests show promising results in my performance level.. “

Stanislav Řezáč
Cross-country skier, Czech Republic

“ThoraxTrainer gives me the final edge to my physical shape, and is an important part of my come-back among the best in the IBU World Cup”.

Michael Rösch
Pro Biathlete, Germany

Training programs for skiers

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Resistance Belt

Used on the ThoraxTrainer this belt gives an extraordinary SKI-AUTHENTIC experience with an even higher impact on core muscles.


ThoraxTrainer ApS was founded in 2008 by two passionate cross-country skiers, both with elite sports careers within triathlon and cross-country skiing at Olympic level. One was an Engineer, the other a Medical doctor – the perfect combination of knowhow.

Intensive development and thorough testing led to the first prototypes of the ThoraxTrainer ski-ergometer. These prototypes were immediately sold to the Norwegian, Danish and Swedish Olympic Training Centers for cross-country skiing and gave a great endorsement of the product’s quality and functionality.