ThoraxTrainer™ training effects

Get the full overview of the training benefits achieved with ThoraxTrainer


ThoraxTrainer has a crucial and unique impact on your outer and deeper core muscles. Because the poles are always moved horisontally you have to activate you core muscles, otherwise you will fall. All exercises in the ThoraxTrainer will enage your core muscles.

Your core muscles are crucial to functionally connect your upper and lower body. They are essential for us to function as up rigth standing and moving individuals.

With the ThoraxTrainer you will experience and increased strength of your core muscles by improved body posture and less back problems. You will feel stronger from the ”inside” in everything you do.



The heart the most important muscle in your body. It works 24 hrs a day for your whole life. It still though need to be exercised in various ways to stay healthy and strong. The versatile training with the ThoraxTrainer is the perfect way to improve the power of your heart. Because you can engage all your muscles at the same time in the ThoraxTrainer, you will have an enormous demand for oxygen and blood circulation in the body. This work is done by your heart, and as any other muscle the heart will become stronger and more efficient from exercise. Especially HIT interval training has a huge impact on your heart.


Nordic Skiing is one of the most endurance demanding sports in the world. The ability to go on over long time is crucial in this sport. The ThoraxTrainer will improve your overall body endurance very fast in almost anything you do – running, cycling, golfing, walking, swimming and of course skiing through its high impact on your heart, muscles and oxygen uptake.

 VO2 max

The more oxygen the body can take up, the better shape you have. Oxygen is nessesary for your muscles to work. The maximal oxygen uptake is defined by liters of oxygen pr. minute pr. kilo body mass. The higher the better.

Nordic skiing is on top of the list when it comes to VO2max, because you engage all your muscles in an upright position working at a very high heart rate.

ThoraxTrainer will give you exactly the same, and within a very short time, you will get a significant improvement in your VO2 max. Because the movements in the ThoraxTrainer are simple, and nothing from the outside is disturbing you, you can pace yourself to extremely high heart rate levels, working close to max. This will improve your VO2 max like nothing else you know of.


Stability and balance is nessesary to walk, run, jump and cope with daily life as humans.

Corestrength is the basis and nessesity of stability and balance. From the versatile exercises in the ThoraxTrainer, especially the ”one leg” exercises, you will gain a unique stability and coordination training with fast improvement of your balance no matter what you do.

This is why the ThoraxTrainer is perfect as basic traning for allmost anything.


Strength is a combination of two things : Musclemass and muscle recruitment.

You can improve your strength by building more muscles through training and by improving your ability to recruit or activate the muscles you have.

The ThoraxTrainer will give you an improvement of your strength in specific musclesgroups and of the wholebody, mainly through an increased recruitment of your muscles. This means that you will get a lean athletic musclestructure but not build muscles like a bodybuilder.

Max Power

Your abilty to make a lot of power over short time, takes a lot of brain work. Your brain needs to tell the muscles to work hard to make them work hard ! When going as fast as possible for 10 to 12 seconds in the ThoraxTrainer your brain has to coordinate and activate almost all muscles in your body at the same time. It takes a lot of concentration, but it will improve your ability to create a lot of power – not only in skiing, but in general, because your brain is exercised to engage and coordinate all the muscles of your body including your coremuscles.