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Efficient Triathlon Training

The ThoraxTrainer indoor skier was originally designed for cross-country skiers, but has proven to be extremely effective also for triathletes. ThoraxTrainer can help you to improve performance in all three disciplines.

– SWIM: More stroke power and better position in water

– BIKE: Increased Watt output

– RUN: Reduced risk of injuries

– High impact on CORE muscles

– TIME-EFFECTIVE training method for triathletes

IMPROVE your performance in ALL THREE disciplines at the same time


ThoraxTrainer™ imitates the movements of swimming, but you get far more resistance than in the water. You increase your core stability, strength and endurance faster with ThoraxTrainer™ compared to training in the water. This leads to more power in your stroke and a better position in the water.


The design of the ThoraxTrainer™ forces you to automatically push with your legs with the same power as you do with your arms and upper body. It provides a highly efficient endurance strength training of the core, quads, gluts and hamstrings resulting in increased watt output and power.



In the ThoraxTrainer™  you effectively exercise your core, leg muscles and the muscles under your feet. This will give you an enhanced “bounce” in every stride because your core absorbs the shock (impact) from the ground – your hip stays in position and your foot is bouncing better. This gives you increased speed, better running technique over time and reduced risk of injuries.



Triathlon training programs

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Research project on performance level with triathletes

Training project with 6 triathletes during a 12 week program.

3 x ThoraxTrainer HIT intervals per week and reduced traditional training in the three disciplines.

They were tested before and after in 1.200 m. swimming, 20 km cycling and 3000 m running.

All six triathletes improved in the 3 disciplines, and they all achieved Personal best times in the IRONMAN Copenhagen 2013.

The illustration shows improvement in seconds for the three disciplines and in total.

“I use the ThoraxTrainer in adition to my daily training 2-3 times a week. It has definitely strengthened  my core and I have gained more stability in running, and therefore I run more economical. It’s a great exercise which is very gentle to the body”

Henrik Hyldelund

Pro-triathlete, winner of IRONMAN Copenhagen 2014

“With the ThoraxTrainer I want to expand my training spectrum. With the ThoraxTrainer and the knowhow from the ThoraxTrainer team, I want to set new accents, especially to strengthen the core muscles”.

Andreas Raelert
Second best time in world on IM distance : 7.41,36

“ThoraxTrainer is an integrated part of my training every week. I use it to strengthen my weak areas, build more power in my swimming and for general fitness training. For me it’s not about saving time, but to optimize the outcome of my training. ThoraxTrainer is excellent for that “

Martin Jensen
Elite triathlete, 3 x world champion medallist long distance

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