Effective Triathlon Training

“With the ThoraxTrainer I want to expand my training spectrum. With the ThoraxTrainer and the knowhow from the ThoraxTrainer team, I want to set new accents, especially to strengthen the core muscles”.


Andreas Raelert

Vice-World record holder, long distance triathlon (7:41:33)



The ThoraxTrainer is used by many top triathletes such as Andreas Raelert, Martin Jensen and Henrik Hyldelund as well as leisure athletes, who seeks an efficient training schedule, that can be combined with a working life, without compromising performance level .

Read more about how triathletes achieved better results with ThoraxTrainer with less training and find information on how the training can help you in all three disciplines.

40% less training and 13% improvement

40% less training resulted in a 1.5-hour improvement in IronMan Copenhagen.

Five experienced IronMan finishers followed an eight month training program from January 2013 until Ironman Copenhagen in August. In the training program, they were not allowed to swim from January to June, and cycling and running was significantly reduced compared to their previous training schedule.

In total the training volume was reduced by 40% and they improved in average 1.5 hours (13%) on the Ironman distance compared to their previous PR (From 11:20 h in average down to 9:50 h)

Their training:

Swimming: 1 x per week in June, July, August, only open water.

Cycling: 3 times a week. No sessions longer than 60 km. One session of 160 km in June and July.

Running: 3-4 x weekly 3 – 15 km

ThoraxTrainer: 3 sessions of HIT intervals per week of 12-20 minutes.





Swimming: 1:04 to 1:22

Bicycle: 5:37 to 6:05

Running: 3:53 to 4:17


Swimming: 1:04 to 1:10

Bicycle: 4:51 to 5:20

Running: 3:26 to 3:39


Martin Jensen, Professional athleete, 1x WC Silver, 2x EC Silver, 2x WC-Bronze


ThoraxTrainer was originally designed for cross-country skiers, but has proven to be extremely effective also for triathletes. Many top and amateur triathletes have discovered the ThoraxTrainer, and actually more ThoraxTrainers are being sold to triathletes than skiers!


ThoraxTrainer is an alternative and efficient training method for triathletes. Experience and research have proven, that ThoraxTrainer can improve performance in all three disciplines, even with a time reduced training schedule. Using the ThoraxTrainer, as part of your training, will save you time for your family, work or other activities and even improve your recovery.


ThoraxTrainer gives a true whole body workout and activates simultaneously all the large muscle groups and especially the core muscles. The core muscles are essential to build power in all three triathlon disciplines. The ThoraxTrainer has a unique functional streghtening of your core. That is why you improve in both swimming, cycling and running after just a few sessions with the ThoraxTrainer.




 ”Increased stroke power and improved position in the water”

ThoraxTrainer™ imitates the movements of swimming, but you get far more resistance than in the water. You increase your core stability, strength and endurance faster with ThoraxTrainer™ compared to training in the water. This leads to more power in your stroke and a better position in the water.



”Increased Watt output on the bike”

The design of the ThoraxTrainer™ forces you to automatically push with your legs with the same power as you do with your arms and upper body. It provides a highly efficient endurance strength training of the core, quads, gluts and hamstrings resulting in increased watt output and power.




”More speed and fewer injuries in running”

In the ThoraxTrainer™  you effectively exercise your core, leg muscles and the muscles under your feet. This will give you an enhanced “bounce” in every stride because your core absorbs the shock (impact) from the ground – your hip stays in position and your foot is bouncing better. This gives you increased speed, better running technique over time and reduced risk of injuries.


Quotes from triathletes that use ThoraxTrainer


“After usingThoraxTrainer™ for one month, I can feel an improvement in both running and swimming. I use the ThoraxTrainer in adition to my daily training 2-3 times a week. It has definitely strengthened  my core and I have gained more stability in running, and therefore I run more economical. It’s a great exercise which is very gentle to the body”

Henrik Hyldelund, Pro-triathlete, Winner of IRONMAN Copenhagen 2014

“After 14 days of training on the ThoraxTrainer™ three times a week for 15-40 minutes I swam under 26 sec at 50 meter free for the first time 10 years! I feel positive effects when running and cycling, and I look more trimmed”.

Martin Jensen, Elite triathlete, 3 x world champion medallist long distance

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