ThoraxTrainerTM offers a true full body workout that activates all major muscle groups simultaneously.

Everybody can use a ThoraxTrainerTM, and everyone can participate in our training programs and concepts – no mater your size, age or fitness level.

ThoraxTrainerTM activates more muscles than any other fitness tool. You burn more calories and get more fit compared to any other measure of exercise.

Nordic full body workout

Get ready for the most intense and effective workout you have encountered – Nordic Full Body Workout.

Nordic skiing is the world’s toughest sport measured by maximal oxygen uptake, endurance and amount of muscle involvement. Nordic skiing activates more muscles than any other training format.

Inspired by this versatile training, Nordic skiing, we created the ThoraxTrainerTM and our Nordic Full Body Training concepts.

Our fitness concepts secure a high intensity training that will keep your heart rate high and at the same time improve your strength, endurance, core-stability and coordination. The results are more energy, visible toning and extra calorie afterburn.

We believe we have created no less than a revolution in the world of fitness and GX training – and from the feedback from our customers, we are proud to say that they believe so too!

Versatile training effects

The Nordic full body workout program gives you all the training benefits from Nordic skiing – and even more:

Training concepts

ThoraxTrainerTM has created revolutionary Nordic GX Training concepts taking Nordic skiing indoor in different inspiring formats.