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Nordic full body workout

Nordic skiing is the world’s toughest sport measured by endurance and muscle involvement.
Inspired by Nordic skiing we created ThoraxTrainerTM indoor ski machine and our Nordic Full Body Training concepts.

Just 3×10 minutes a week is enough to give a significant training effect of the whole body.
You will get more fit than you ever imagined possible – the training improves your strength, endurance and core stability, and you gain a substantial afterburn and body toning.

Suitable for individual and group training

Versatile training effects

The Nordic full body workout program gives you all the training benefits from Nordic skiing – and even more:


Group training concepts

ThoraxTrainerTM has created revolutionary Nordic GX Training concepts taking Nordic skiing indoor in different inspiring formats.

ThoraxTrainer Stron-Body training concept
ThoraxTrainer Core-Circle training concept boosts your performance
ThoraxTrainer Si+Bike training concept
ThoraxTrainer Ski+Shoot training programme makes core training fun

“ThoraxTrainer Ltd. was founded in 2008 by two passionated elite athletes with careers in triathlon and cross-country skiing.

Living in a country with little snow we could not train as much as our competitors from Norway and Sweden, and with our background as a medical doctor and engineer, we saw a possibility to bring  the ultimate sport – Nordic skiing – indoor.

Based on physical studies and tests in the 90’ties by Professor Erik Mygind, we created a skiing ergometer, the ThoraxTrainer, that imitates cross-country skiing.”

Ulrich Ghisler, Co-Founder & CEO