With ThoraxTrainer you get it all - cardio, strength, endurance, core and VO2 Max

Please view this short introduction video to the ThoraxTrainerTM

Thorax Trainer

The Thorax Trainer is a full body workout trainer inspired by Nordic Skiing. By activating more than 96% of the complete muscle mass, the indoor ski trainer simultaneously activates more muscles than any other fitness equipment. Try the indoor workout that will create visible results to your body’s fitness and health in just short sessions.

Versatile training effects

The Nordic full body workout program gives you all the training benefits from Nordic skiing – and even more:

Group training concepts

ThoraxTrainerTM has created revolutionary Nordic GX Training concepts taking Nordic skiing indoor in different inspiring formats.

ThoraxTrainer Stron-Body training concept
ThoraxTrainer Core-Circle training concept boosts your performance
ThoraxTrainer Si+Bike training concept
ThoraxTrainer Ski+Shoot training programme makes core training fun